Welcome to Peckish Deal

Peckish Rotisserie Chicken in a small, independent family business which was started in July 2017 from a small shop in Deal’s Historic conservation area.

The idea was to offer something different from the classic takeaway, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and the environment. From the outset, We have used environmentally friendly packaging, recycled wherever possible and sourced locally.

In the pre-Covid world, the takeaway market was limited – mainly consisting of Pizza, Kebab, Fish and Chips, or Asian inspired food. Generally perceived (although not necessarily always correctly) as high calorie, high fat, cheaply prepared and over processed, we wanted to offer an alternative.

As children, we had been fortunate enough to spend a couple of self catered holidays in France. Whilst the family budget wouldn’t stretch to restaurant Dining, it could stretch to a Rotisserie Chicken from the on local rotisserie at the market – and this was always a highlight.
From this, the idea for Peckish was born – simple roast chicken at an accessible price.

During endless daily commutes to work in the City, we kept coming back to it. After 12 years on a train (some of which pre-dated high speed trains…!) and several burnouts, it was time to move on – the obvious career choice was to start a Rotisserie Chicken Business. What could possibly go wrong….

So, here we are, 5 years, 3 shops, 1 truck and 1 global Pandemic later. The world has changed, but we still roast chicken.

Some things just don’t need complicating.